The SMILEY Wines Moment

A SMILEY Wines moment is a time of celebration, full of gentleness, tenderness, romanticism, affection, friendship.

Welcome to our world. Welcome to your world. Raise a Glass and Share a Smile.

Find your SMILEY Wines for every moment among our selection of our French Wines.

Our Motto: The best, or nothing. With the Smile.

Smiley Wines Rosé


Its colour is a pale pink, delicate and stylish.

Its nose is full of grapefruit and white fruit aromas, just like peach and nectarine.

Its freshness and acidity come from a unique selection from these grape varieties

On the palate the impression is fresh and full, with great aromatic persistence and balance.


The Ideal Food & Wine Pairing
Ideal by the pool, enjoy SMILEY Wines Rosé with fresh Summer Salads or homemade Desserts.

Sauvignon blanc

Sauvignon blanc

Its colour is pale yellow with golden reflections.

Its expressive, fine and elegant nose reveals floral notes, acacia, honeysuckle and white flesh fruit such as pear.

The attack on the palate is round, velvety, charming and then the wine evolves towards a beautiful balance between acidity and sweetness.

The floral finish leaves a sensation of aromatic sweetness and delicacy.


The Ideal Food & Wine Pairing
Ideal fresh, enjoy SMILEY Wines Sauvignon Blanc with Seafood Plates or Exotic Salads.



Its colour is straw yellow reflections, brilliant and clear.

Its aromatic and delicate nose allows notes of exotic fruits, passion, mango and acacia to express themselves.

Its palate is very smooth, fine and voluptuous, enhanced by a beautiful acidity.

A beautiful aromatic balance and a good freshness characterize this elegant and charming wine.


The Ideal Food & Wine Pairing
Ideal for a cozy aperitif, enjoy SMILEY Wines Chardonnay with Sushi or Grilled Vegetables.

Smiley Wines Merlot


Its colour is bright red with purplish tints.

Its explosive nose reveals intense sensations of stone red fruits including cherries and morello cherries, but also black currants and blackberries.

Its mouth is moreish, slightly sweet, and the tannins are supple and silky.

A soft and aromatic sensation give this supple wine an extremely pleasing finish.


The Ideal Food & Wine Pairing
Ideal for a relaxed dinner, enjoy SMILEY Wines Merlot with a Roasted Chicken or Mediterranean plates.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon

Its colour is cherry red and its hue is intense.

Its nose is open, expressive with kirschy and red fruit notes. Underneath the toasted, slightly spicy notes, a complex, elegant and warm nose is revealed.

The palate, supple and round with a wonderful texture, is marked by a sensation of sweetness, fat and volume.

Finely structured with balanced acidity and tannin, the finish is aromatic and powerful.


The Ideal Food & Wine Pairing
Ideal during a sunny barbecue, enjoy SMILEY Wines Cabernet Sauvignon with a good Burger or Beef Ribs.