The Wines

Coming from the best terroirs of Bordeaux and the Southwest region of France, SMILEY Wines delivers the best expression of each of the varietals and the terroir combined, and matches our passion.
Creating Great Tasting Quality Wines for Everyone to Enjoy with a Smile!


Smiley Original Grapes is the meeting of two families, the ICARD Family, owner Château de l’Orangerie, a renowned wine Estate in the Bordeaux region, and the LOUFRANI Family, creator of the original Smiley brand, gathered through a unique vision: make French wine simple, accessible and smiling in order to complement a simple lifestyle, synonymous with happiness and cool.


We are more than an icon, brand and lifestyle. We are a spirit and philosophy, a reminder of how powerful a smile can be. Born in 1972, Smiley’s simple message of ‘Take Time To Smile’ is still relevant as ever, 50 years on. Smiley is a universal counter-culture icon.


For more than two centuries, the ICARD Family, owner of Château de L’Orangerie, have been living in Saint Félix de Foncaude, a small village in the Entre-Deux-Mers region. Very in tune with its heritage and bringing a touch of originality, the ICARD Family links tradition and modernity through a collection of unique wines from Bordeaux. For the little story, “Orangerie” is a reference to a part of the Chateau where in previous years orange trees were conserved against frost during the winter months.